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Our Key Services for Electric, Gas and Water

So why use KORus?

We will save you time, and given the opportunity, save you money!

KOR.u.s will identify the relevant cost effective utility installers, make your application, processing multiple applications, all this takes time which also costs you money. One quick enquiry to KOR.u.s and you can get on with the other more important work rather than tying up resources that are better utilised doing other things.

We guarantee that any enquiries from you will be processed and sent to the relevant utility company on the following working day if we have all relevant information needed by the DNO to make sure that our turnaround times are faster - time is usually critical. Because we are an experienced company we can provide a much improved service to the client.

We are cheaper, easier and quicker.

We deal with single site connections, as well as multi utility phased sites for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial utilities. We can help you with diversions, as well as the design of the connections, then agree and work to a fixed programme and budget.

Trying to understand the utility requirements could take you hours, and cost you a lot of money if you get it wrong! After all, just getting through to these companies is a mission in itself. KOR.u.s will take on this stress for you and provide a very competitive quote which you can't refuse to consider.

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Recent Projects
  • KOR Utility Services have worked on Longcross site Lysaghts Newport South Wales to energise electrical installation for new Wm.Morrison, superstore.

  • KOR Utility Services has recently energised the new Wm.Morrison superstore in South Wales on behalf of ESP.

  • KOR Utility Services have energised Vinci Construction development site of 59 domestic properties in Newport South Wales on behalf of ESP.

  • KOR Utility Services are acting as NERS assessor for Veolia Water electrical accreditation.

    KOR Utility Services has also provided services for a Care Home in Bala North Wales.

  • KOR Utility Services have been awarded a contract to provide Electrical Technical advice for New Connection projects.

  • KOR Utility Services are approved by ESP to carry out energisation of sites owned by ESP.

  • The following sites have recently been energised by KOR Utility Services: Utility Services Ltd.

    WM.Morrison Superstore Newport South Wales.1000kVA Substation installed & energised.

    Vinci Construction Domestic site. 500kVA Substation installed and energised at Lysaghts Newport South Wales.

    Miller Homes Domestic site. New 500kVA Substation. Greenbrook Street Bury.

    Marcus Worthington Domestic site. New 500kVA Substation, Ashton Bank Preston.

    Capel Developments Fetchley London LV Supply to 9 domestic houses.

    SEP Properties supply to two blocks of flats. Cambridge Road Whitehaven Cumbria.

    Blue Tree Developments. LV supplies to Houses and Apartments. Rochdale Road, Bacup.

  • Recent project for Longcross Construction

    KOR Utility Services is assisting UNC to complete projects throughout the UK.
    KOR Utility Services are acting as NERS assessor for UNC.

  • Recent project for Energetics Networks UK

    KOR Utility Services Ltd are authorised to work on Energetics Networks.